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Family Service Learning

Family Service Learning

Family Service Learning is an educational and community development strategy that applies the benefits of community service to joint family learning. Families learn and develop through active participation in thoughtfully organized service. The families become deeper partners with their community. Family Service Learning Projects are developed by using six components of the service-learning process. 1) Investigation - the family investigate a community program, 2) Planning and Preparation - the family plan the learning and service activities and address the administrative issues needed for a successful project. 3) Action (Implementing and service activity) - the actual completion of the service learning project. 4) Reflection - the activity that help parents and children understand the services learning experience by thinking about the meaning, the connection to community, and what they learned, 5) Demonstrate of Results and Celebration: The family and community share what was learned and share the results of a successful project., and 6) Sustainability is the ability to maintain or increase program efforts by building constituencies; creating strong, enduring partnerships, generating leveraging resources; and identifying and securing funding sources that are available over time

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