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We engage, educate, and empower men to be the best fathers they can be. In addition, promote the facilitation of effective co-parenting strategies. Dedicated to building strong family units. We believe the job of parenting was never intended to be an individual job, and we continue to promote 2 parents and NOT 1 when it comes to raising children.

2NOT1 continues to be a leading voice to strengthen families. Addressing areas such as father absence, co-parenting, unemployment, and health disparities. We maintain an unwavering focus on addressing the key challenges of Louisville’s urban families by working to connect fathers to their children.

This work is driven by our Mission to Promote the safety and well-being of children by implementing strategies to keep fathers involved and families together. The safety and well-being children is our sole focus on the foundation of 2NOT1. The strategies are all the activities and trainings we provide. Committed to keeping fathers involved in the parenting conversation. Lastly co-parenting to keep families together.

Since 2007 2NOT1, as a small grass roots organization with minimal resources has served over 4500 Louisvillians providing the support many need to be self-sufficient, and provide resources and training to keep parents working together to ultimately keep children safe. This in tandem with an active role in the conversation on responsible fatherhood and black male achievement.

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