Fatherhood Discussions

Changing the Lives of Children, One Father at a Time!

Fatherhood Discussions

May 8, 2014

We are all aware that birth outcomes and early childhood development can be enhanced by the early and continuous involvement of fathers in the lives of their children. The FatherhoodDiscussions are intended to encourage participation by fathers in the lives of their children from conception and ongoing while providing dads with some health education to help them understand why their involvement is so important. Individual/personal issues such as health insurance, parenting skills, anger management, the importance of fathers supporting breastfeeding, visitation rights, relationship skills and more will be addressed as the Discussions progress.nnFatherhood Discussions are possible through the partnerships of Louisville Metro Health Department’s Healthy Start program, Louisville Metro Housing Authority, Plymouth Community and Renewal Center, and the University of Louisville. As of May 6, the final session of the 2nd of the second cohort was complete. These two sessions, the first in the Park Hill housing complex, and the second in the Beecher Terrace housing complex, serve as the pilot to determine the need of a program catering to the needs of new fathers. As a result of the success of the pilot the first cohort will start June 17th. n

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