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To support our mission to promote the safety and well-being of children by implementing strategies to keep fathers involved and families together, 2NOT1 finds various ways to engage our community. Engaging our community raises awareness of fatherhood and co-parenting efforts. It allows for us to push policy and be a voice for families we serve. The following is a list of some of our outreach efforts.

Mother’s Forum

For 2NOT1, much of what we do concentrates on the father, but as our name states, it takes 2, not 1, to raise a child, so we believe it’s fundamental to connect with mothers. We offer this one-day forum for mothers to fellowship, discuss life as a mother, and resources. However, over the years, it has also grown to include fluid, heartfelt discussions about fatherhood, to help some mothers move to a different understanding about fatherhood, and co-parenting. Read more: Mothers

Father’s Day Cookout

Quality time, for many children spending quality time with their father isn’t a reality they are accustomed to, the celebration changes that. Since 2008 the Celebration has brought together father and children to enjoy a day full of fun, food, and family. 2NOT1 provides the space, food, activity, and opportunity. The fathers and children bring the energy! Read more: BBQ!

Fatherhood Conference/ Young Father’s Summit

Working with fathers and families for over ten years 2NOT1 recognized the need to get resources to fathers. Once a year 2NOT1 hosts an annual fatherhood conference. In 2016, 2NOT1 will transition from a conference to a young father’s summit. The intent is to provide some of the same resources as before, but also provide additional services specifically for young fathers. Read more: Summit

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