Father’s Day Cookout!

This makes year 9 of bringing fathers and families together to spend quality time and it’s all FREE!!!!!! #2NOT1Cookout
2NOT1 Picnic

Join us rain or shine!

Interview with Devone Holt of Saturday Morning Solutions Show about the importance of fathers!

2NOT1 picnic honors involved dads, calls on fathers to act

Everyone is welcome, so come and support your favorite dad or male mentor. Let us do the cooking, and you enjoy spending quality time with the special father in your life!

News clip from year 5!

Back again this year: Fatherhood and Responsible Manhood Pledge!

Fatherhood and Responsible Manhood Pledge

Fathers and men taking the pledge to be better men and more involved fathers in their communities!

The 2013 2NOT1 Father’s Day picnic is only possible through our sponsors and supporters:
Louisville Metro Public Health and Wellness, Health Start, Louisville Metro Housing Authority, Plymouth Community Center, UofL Football, Man UP

2012 Father’s Day Picnic

What is the purpose of the Father’s Day Celebration?

The Father’s Day Celebration is geared to help 2NOT1 exercise our Mission to “Promote the Safety and Well-Being of Children by Implementing Strategies to Keep Father’s Involved and Families Together,” via three steps, which are Engage, Educate, and Empower! 2NOT1 realizes the first step to working with fathers is changing the climate, so many time father parent programs hinge on what the father isn’t doing as opposed to highlighting his efforts. In addition, this relationship doesn’t develop unless the father trust the process, the celebration is an opportunity to engage the father to begin to establish a relationship to build on later.

Quality time, for many children spending quality time with their father isn’t a reality they are accustomed to, the celebration changes that. Since 2008 the Celebration has brought together father and children to enjoy a day full of fun, food, and family. 2NOT1 provides the space, food, activity, and opportunity. The fathers and children bring the energy!

Mentoring, a misconception is the work of 2NOT1 is to only engage fathers who fall short in their efforts to father, this is not the case. We also reach out to fathers who have the skills to mentor and support other fathers.

Finally, the pledge, the celebration is a time for men all over to stand up to take back their lives, families, and communities!

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