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Teen Fatherhood University (TFU), is a program designed to deal with the joys of fatherhood and the challenge associated with young fathers. All indicators show the development of children is most critical during the early stages of life. Fathers of TFU learn the role they play in the development of their children. This teaches what it means to be an active father.

Fathers also learn how to navigate the difficult job market. Statistics show that many young fathers face barriers that make it difficult to gain and maintain employment. During TFU fathers gain skills to navigate to assist their search with employment.

One of the most important tools fathers learn during TFU is co-parenting. Working together as parents to raise a child provides the child with the best chance at success.
After graduation, TFU! Grads will have the opportunity to facilitate future TFU! Programs and become part of the TFU Alumni group which will allow them to help guide the development of future TFU sessions.
If you are a young father join TFU today, if you know a young father encourage them to take part in this unique opportunity. Together we can “change the lives of children, one father at a time.”

Class outline:
Session 1: Saturday, November 14, 2015
Session 2: Saturday, November 21, 2015
These sessions are held at 1st Neighborhood Place, 1503 Rangeland Road , 9:00 am until 3 pm

Community Discussions are opportunities for young fathers to engage with a supportive community!
1) Co-parenting Open to community: Tuesday, November 17, 2015
2) TUFF Talks (Men Only): Tuesday, November 24, 2015
These sessions are held at Plymouth Community & Renewal Center, 1926 West Chestnut Street, 5:30 pm to 7 pm

Testimony from our first Teen Fatherhood University!

Testimony from our first Teen Fatherhood University!

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